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Corporate performance

Longmen Grottoes Fengxian Temple protection engineering project monitoring system

The project includes the construction of the monitoring and warning system software platform and the construction of the data collection system (micro environment data collection, stability data collection, vibration data collection, weathering monitoring data collection, meteorological data collection, atmospheric environment data, wireless network online transmission, etc.)

Dynamic information and monitoring and early warning system engineering of Zhoukoudian site.

The project includes the construction of the monitoring center, the large screen display system, the software platform for monitoring and warning system and the construction of the data collection system (the micro environment data collection and monitoring system, the stability data acquisition and monitoring system, the vibration data acquisition and monitoring system, the settlement data collection monitoring system, the soil moisture content data collection and monitoring system, and the monitoring and monitoring system for soil moisture content. " Online monitoring system, such as measuring system, meteorological environment collection and monitoring system, etc.

Beijing Meteorological Bureau online monitoring system project

The project includes the data of urban automatic weather station, the meteorological data of the Olympic venues, the radar data of the wind corridor line, the monitoring data of the ground-based GPS atmosphere and water, the meteorological monitoring and environmental monitoring data of the highway, and the automatic station communication system for the artificial influence of the weather cannon point. At present, the on-line monitoring data of the more than 400 professional stations has been completed. Set up transmission system construction

National electric power line long span safety online monitoring system project.

Safety monitoring of Huaihe power grid across the Yangtze River, including line temperature, icing, stress and strain, wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity monitoring.

Yizhuang Taihao Park intelligent power distribution and power demand side management demonstration project (integrated communication platform)

The project includes: ZigBee self-organizing network communication system building, optical network construction, Mesh wireless network construction, intelligent light control system.

Intelligent water and fertilizer integrated system project (Intelligent Forestry).

Intelligent drip irrigation monitoring and control system in Daxing forest farm of Beijing;

Beijing Liuhe Zhuang forestry plant intelligent drip irrigation control system.

Beijing botanical garden rose garden intelligent water and fertilizer integrated control system.

Hangzhou dragon brain camphor demonstration base intelligent water and fertilizer integrated control system.

Chifeng Hongmiaozi forest demonstration base of intelligent fertigation control system;

Inner Mongolia Baotou Tianlong eco garden intelligent monitoring and control system for agricultural greenhouse.

Chifeng Ningcheng Apple ecological park intelligent fertigation control system;


Wan project of Shandong electric power company

The project includes: building a wide area network connecting the 32 Power Supply Bureau and power plant, the network center of the Provincial Power Corporation, the power supply bureau at all levels and the local area network of all power plants and enterprises and institutions, and using Intranet technology to develop the management information system (MIS), the office automation system (OA), and other information services.

2011, information construction project of Yishan Irrigation District, Liaocheng, Shandong.

The projects include: fiber network construction, network video conference system, conference lighting system, remote automatic control system for inlet gate of water station, telemetering system of water level for inlet and outlet of water station, video monitoring system of gate and management of Yangtze River Station, one or two level lightning protection system of water station and gate control and distribution, infrared circumferential prevention newspaper Police system, UPS uninterruptible power supply system

Information construction project of Liaocheng Yishan Irrigation District, Shandong

The project involves a place of 13, including: wireless metropolitan area network system, integrated wiring system, computer network system, video conference system, conference system, IP telephone system, security monitoring system, gate video monitoring system).

Africa Angola Benguela Hotel, hotel Neto university system

The project includes: generic cabling system, computer network system, security monitoring system.

Meihua group headquarters system integration project

The project includes: integrated wiring system, computer room construction, computer network system, group telephone system, network video conference system, telephone conference system, conference system, security monitoring and circumference guard system, wireless coverage, public broadcasting background music system, PDP screen seamless display system, elevator intercom System, one card system)

Meihua group Tongliao base system and enterprise information system engineering.

The project includes: base fiber network construction, integrated wiring system, machine room construction, computer network system, group telephone system, network video conference system, telephone conference system, conference system, security monitoring system, public broadcasting system, video monitoring system of production environment, one card system).

System engineering of Xinjiang Meihua amino acid Co., Ltd.

The project includes: Office fiber network construction, optical fiber network, integrated wiring system, computer room construction, computer network system, group telephone system, dispatching telephone system, explosion proof intercom system, dispatch command center platform, large screen display system, LED production data display system, security monitoring system, production monitoring and control system. System, public address system, smart card system, water source well data transmission system, MES management system platform, etc.

Residential intelligent system engineering Xinjiang Huijia Real Estate Co.

The project includes: intelligent door lock system, security monitoring system, one card system, commercial building restaurant and supermarket real time consumption system, public broadcasting system, commercial building security monitoring system, remote automatic gate system).

Inner Mongolia Tongliao Ying Chen training center system project

The project includes: integrated wiring system, security monitoring and control system, office network system, telephone system, visual intercom system, multi-function hall, KTV sound system, public broadcasting system, etc.

Langfang Meihua apartment system engineering

The project includes household visual intercom system, security monitoring system and parking lot management system.

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